The fun, simple, rewards based app for couples.

Create rewards for your partners they can't see till they complete all their jobs.


Put the fun back into doing your weekly jobs. 

We all have jobs to do, week in, week out, so why not add a rewards for your Partner to incentivise them into making sure their jobs are completed in-time.

  • Sign up & add your partner

    Download the app from the App Store, invite your partner via email.

  • Add a Reward

    Rewards are what make jobs fun. Before you add jobs you need to set a reward. Your Partner can only see the reward once they complete all their jobs.

  • Start adding jobs for your Partner

    First, add a time frame when the jobs need to be completed, 1 day, 3 days, a week ? Then start adding jobs for your partner. Don't forget to use Emojis !

Compete against each other.

Completing jobs is always fun when there is a reward at the end. Incentivise your partner by creating rewards they can only see once they complete all their jobs within your specified time frame. 

Get notified when a job is complete. 

When you Partner completes a job you'll get a notification to know it's done. You can add more jobs, or gift their reward early. 

Try the Beta for free!

Try Couply for free till September 2019. 

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